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Complete This Checklist Before Retiring

1. Is Your (OPF) Official Personnel Folder updated and Accurate - Credible Civilian Service Form (SF 50)

2. Have you reviewed your FERS/CSRS Annuity Payout estimate in the last 12 months?

3. Do you understand the proposed White House Changes to your retirement benefits?

4. Is your TSP Allocation Setup to minimize a major market correction ?

5. Have you reviewed the impact of taxes on the distribution of your TSP?

6. Do you have a plan to maximize your Social Security Income?

7.  Have you researched the best month and day to retire?

8. Are Your Beneficiary Designations Updated (TSP/FERS/CSRS/FEGLI)?

9. How is your unused sick leave treated at retirement?

10. Have you reviewed your FEGLI Coverage and are you planning to keep some or all of your Life Insurance in Retirement?

11. Are you planning to keep your Health (FEHB) in Retirement?

12.  Do you have a trusted retirement planner (Fiduciary) who is an expert on Federal Employee Benefits/Retirement?


Federal Employee Retirement Workbook and Budget

We Specialize in helping government employees transition from work to retirement.  You may have questions about when and how can retire.  This Report addresses common questions and presents strategies to help you prepare for retirement.

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Important Fed Employee Planning Session - 12 Must Ask Questions You Need To Have Answered Before Retiring

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